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Monday, April 22, 2013

A Sad Day =(

For a lot of people who are fans of My Chemical Romance,  they have already been informed for a month now about the break up of this most wonderful, awesome, and just great band. Apparently, I haven't been acting like a really good fan, like I should have been because I just found that out TODAY. Like, W.T.F?! SERIOUSLY?! UGHHHHHHH!!!!!

When I found out, I wanted to cry. I was in disbelief and given the date they posted this on their website blog, I thought it might have been an April fool's joke.... even though their announcement was on March 22. So, I googled that shit and nope. It was not a joke. It was for real. Now my dream of being able to see them live is OVER! I don't even really remember what brought me to look at their website today, but I guess the Universe was all..... "She seriously still has no idea that her most favorite band ever has broken up. It's been a month now. We should make her informed." Like... I don't even know... I guess at the time I wouldn't have been able to handle it? But anyway.... I cannot believe it. I guess it's understandable since many of the band members are married and have children and what not... but damn.

At least I can still have the chance to buy their last album whenever I can manage to scrounge up enough money.....

For now, I'll just get some ice cream and listen to all their songs... and grieve about my lost dream.... Dammit.

Happy Day to You,